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Your new vehicle contract - the process and what to expect

Taking out a lease or purchase agreement on a new vehicle is fairly straightforward. However, we realise that it is important for you to understand the steps that you will go through from the start of the process through to delivery of your vehicle and afterwards.  

A step-by-step guide of what to expect

  • We discuss the financial products and vehicles available, to enable you to make an informed decision on what suits you best 

  • We send you quotations for the vehicle(s) and financial product that interest you 

  • Once you have chosen your financial product and vehicle we ask you to sign an Order Confirmation Form and complete a Credit Application and Affordability Statement. We tell you how your information will be used. We may request a copy of your driving licence, bank details and/or utility bills at this point 

  • We submit your credit application to our chosen finance partner. We would expect to receive a decision from them within 24 hours 

  • Once credit is agreed we can order your new car with the dealership  

  • The contract documentation process begins. The documents you receive depend upon the financial product you have chosen. This may mean that you receive pre-contract information and cancellation notices as well as your contract. There may also be a period after signing where you have a right to cancel prior to delivery of your vehicle. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and must ensure that their guidelines are followed 

  • Your contract documentation will be sent to you by email or post, depending on the financial product and funder you are with. Once you have read, completed and signed all the documents, you return them to us (or direct to the funder if it’s an e-signed document) 

  • We keep you updated of the delivery timescales and advise of any changes if they arise 

  • We inform you of your vehicle’s registration number a few days prior to delivery, to enable you to arrange insurance. N.B. some insurers may not be able to find your vehicle on their system, as it is generally not registered until the day of delivery 

  • Once your vehicle is in stock at the dealership, we arrange delivery to the address of your choice 

  • The delivery driver will ask you to sign a Delivery Form when you take delivery. Please inspect the vehicle to make sure it matches your specification and has been delivered in good condition 

  • We complete the paperwork and the vehicle is ‘set live’ with your finance company a week or two after delivery 

  • You receive notification from the finance company about when the initial payment and future payments will be taken 

  • We write to you a few days after delivery. This includes your P11D tax information, if applicable, and any contact details you may need for the duration of your lease 

  • Remember this is just the start of your journey with us. We are here to answer any questions before, during and after the life of your contract